I signed up with a SBTC coach to train smarter. I had done a few tris but worked out that there was a lot I didn’t know about training and triathlons. I wanted to get a coach to reduce the risk of overtraining and injury and to help me get stronger and faster.

When I looked into coaching I couldn’t find anything that was competitive with the value of the coaching options at SBTC (especially when you take into account they can write your swim plans so you don’t have to pay for squad). I approached Damo about personal coaching as he has a wealth of race experience at all distances and he’s an impressive runner. Damo worked with me to set up a training schedule around my commitments and if we need to change things on different weeks there are no issues. We catch-up regularly, he reviews my training and progress and helps to keeps me accountable.

With Damo’s help my swim, bike and run times have improved immensely and I’ve met my goals so far: making the NZ age-group Worlds team for 2020 and running a sub-20 5km. I couldn’t recommend it more if you’re looking to train smarter and to make sure your hard work is getting you results. I’m super excited about the rest of this year and getting even faster, with my coach’s help of course.