The role of the executive is to act on behalf on the Committee to progress key issues in a timely manner, in the best interests of the Club.

Your elected SBTC executive committee members for 2016/2017 are:

Sonya Stacey


Provides the principle leadership and responsibility for the organisation and the Committee

Robyn Hamilton


Manages all documentation, correspondence and general committee meeting organisation for the Club

Jo Wedlock


Manages all financial aspects of the club

Scott Rathbone

Training Coordinator

Coordinates and facilitates the provision of training sessions and related services for members


Your elected SBTC committee members for 2016/2017 are:

Emma Sunley

Member Liaison Officer

Key contact for potential and current club members, answering general enquiries & assists in managing the clubs social media accounts

Geoff Dusha

Communications Officer

Coordinates club communications to enhance club branding and culture

Robin Martin

Race Day Coordinator

Coordinates for the provision of Club assets at race and other key events

Anita McConaghy

Social Coordinator

Works with committee to organise and coordinate social events and social activities related to race-days and other major events (as agreed)

Paul Stockwell

Merchandising Officer

Provides support to the Committee members to ensure the efficient management of Club clothing and other merchandise sales

James Doyle

Information Technology Officer

Manages all electronic aspects of the club